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Lost Icon & Graphics Challenge

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Island Rumble
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LOST icon & graphics challenge

Island Rumble Community Orientation

Welcome to the Island! This is a rumble style icon challenge for the television series Lost (2004-2010). Members of all skill levels are welcome and learning new things about making icons is encouraged. We will mainly focus on icon making challenges but if there is enough member interest, we will have challenges for making larger graphics such as wallpapers. We will cover every season per challenge with a different season per round. That way we will have a large variety of episodes, characters & scenes to choose from when making entries.
Our main challenge here is a "rumble" style challenge. The rules are based on the format started at disney_rumble.
A rumble challenge is similar to a "L.I.M.S" or last-icon-maker standing community but there are no votes for the "least" icon. There are no negative votes or player eliminations. Every one is allowed to stay in the round until the end (unless they choose to withdraw or drop out). The winners will be determined by the total amount of points earned. This kind of challenge is also known as high-score-wins challenge. Occasionally we host other challenges here such as our Lost "23-in-23" icon challenge.

☥☥ The Rules ☥☥

How to Enter:
  1. To enter rounds you must be a member of this community. You will then need to sign up for the rumble by commenting on the "sign up" post/entry. You must also leave the secret word (hidden somewhere in these rules) in your comment to show me you've read these rules.
  2. Icons entered must fit the Live Journal standards: No bigger than 100x100 pixels, 40 KB, in either PNG, JPG or GIF format.
  3. The contest will be anonymous, so please do not post your icons/graphics elsewhere, including your own journal or your public web galleries before the voting has closed.
  4. Icons or other graphics entered must be new and not shared anywhere before the challenges.
  5. Animations will not be allowed.

How to Earn Points:

  • Placement points available each round (earned by placing in the poll)

  • First Place : 4 points
    Second Place : 3 points
    Third Place : 2 points
    Special Category (if given) : 2 points
    Extra Special Category (TBA): 3 points
    Mod's Choice :1 point

  • Participation points available each round (earned by being active in the challenge).

  • Entering the first round (early sign up) : 2 points
    Entering regular rounds (2-6): 1 point
    Voting and leaving comments/feedback with your votes: 2 points
    Voting (by numbers only/no comments): 1 point
    Not Voting at all: -1 point.
    Points for Voting Explained:
    To encourage voting each person who votes and leaves a comment for the maker on why they chose the item (if also signed up for that round) will receive a single point for a total of two voting points. People who are not signed to participate up are not required to leave comments with their votes
    Special Round Points Possible: TBA.


    • Icons or other graphics you enter must be new and not posted anywhere before voting has ended.
    • Please remember cheating will not be tolerated. Please do not tell people to vote for your specific entries and don't vote for yourself.
    • The secret word you need to sign-up is "pylon."
    • This an all ages (13 & up) community : Icons & graphics must be rated the same as LOST is when it aired on TV in the U.S. This means regarding content/language that if you would not hear it or see it on the series please don't put it on your entries.
    • Specific rules may vary for special challenges but the above rules will always apply.
    • If all the rules stated above are not followed the icon/graphic will be disqualified.
    • Thank you!

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