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I was looking through the results getting ready to make your banners& I found there was one more runner up for variations single icon which I forgot to put in the tie-breaker poll. Also, I had put
the wrong icon
by raikune into the Runner Up tie breaker poll.
It was supposed to be this one of Richard alone not the 2 in 1 of Ben & Richard which had already won First Place overall icon.
So instead of using the tie-breaker poll results for the Variations [Single Icon] Runner Up I'm going with the original poll results.
Corrected results:

Variations [Single Icon]
Winner by raikune

Runner Up by visionsbeyond

Runner Up by raikune

Runner Up by dance_the_dance

23 in 23 Challlenge Banners Part 1

Here are the banners for the 23in23 Theme icons. The other banners will be posted later.
16 award banners are behind the cut. The banners are posted full size because the new Scrapbook doesn't allow linked thumbnails, so it might considered "image heavy."

View your banners...Collapse )

23-in-23 Challenge II : Results

Here are the results for the 23-in-23 challenge! Congrats to all who placed. :)

The Island Has Chosen!Collapse )

23 in 23 Tie Breaker Polls

These polls are to break multiple ties that resulted from the first polls. There will be Winner and Runner Up for all sets and single icons.
If there is a tie for Winner the item coming in second in these polls will be the runner up. If the poll is for Runner Up then the item coming in second will not be awarded any placement. I'm sorry to the entrants who placed as Runner Up in the first polls but there are way too many ties and low voter turn-out so it has to be done this way in order to get fair results and a reasonable amount of winners and runners up.
Polls will be open 3 days.
Six Tie Breaker Polls.Collapse )

23 in 23 update

The poll have all been closed. Tie breaker polls will be up soon!

Voting Extension

I know I said polls would be closed but there are many ties especially in the
Themes icons
poll. So please vote if you haven't already. Two polls havebeen closed. Thank you!